Providence/Boston Center for Aids Research (CFAR)

Think Tank Sessions

Think Tank Sessions provide members with a chance to present and get feedback on early stage ideas for their CFAR developmental applications. 

The CFAR has initiated Think Tank Sessions modeled after the reality TV program “Shark Tank,” the goal of which is to provide investigators a chance to present and get feedback on early stage ideas for CFAR developmental proposals from senior faculty. The idea is that each 1 hour session will be divided into three 20 minute slots where junior faculty will have the opportunity to present their basic concepts for a proposal for approximately 5 minutes, leaving 15 minutes for feedback on how to make the concepts into a coherent set of Specific Aims. It is organized so that each presenter will need to try to present their ideas concisely with the input of the senior faculty focusing on supporting and improving concept development. 

In addition to the development of specific aims, CFAR Core Faculty will be in attendance to provide advice on how best to utilize the services available to all CFAR members as well as identify potential collaborators and expertise available within the CFAR network.  These sessions will be held approximately 2-3 months before the deadline of Developmental applications (October 1st and April 1st).

To schedule a session, please contact us at [email protected].

​General Guidelines for Presenting

  • No slides. A 1-page handout might be helpful; if you do one, make it short, and bring about 15 copies.
  • Think about the questions that you want help with, and tailor your short presentation to allow us to help with those questions
  • Plan no more than 5 minutes of "presentation", because the idea is to get feedback
  • Think about this as a conversation, not as an evaluative process. We want to help you prepare the best possible Developmental and other grants, so it is fine if you haven't thought something through yet or don't know how you want to approach something.