Providence/Boston Center for Aids Research (CFAR)

Developmental Core

The Developmental Core provides developmental awards through a peer-review process in order to encourage new research and attract new investigators to HIV/AIDS research, as well as provide mentoring opportunities to Junior Faculty members.

The goal of the Developmental Core is to further the research priorities of the CFAR by soliciting and funding developmental projects, providing strong mentorship to junior faculty and those new to the HIV/AIDS research field, strengthening the capacity for HIV/AIDS research in developing countries, and sponsoring training and educational programs to enhance the involvement of young scientists both domestically and internationally. Applications are accepted for Developmental Awards, and International Developmental Awards.  For both funding mechanisms, a Letter of Intent must be submitted and approved prior to submitting a full proposal.  

The Developmental Core activities focus on junior investigators, supporting them in their transition to independence and helping them to become more competitive for NIH R-award funding. We also expand opportunities for HIV research by bringing established, senior researchers with relevant skills into the field of HIV/AIDS research. Core B further helps senior faculty become better mentors, and facilitates dialogue and collaboration more broadly among CFAR investigators from different scientific disciplines.

Developmental Core Directors

Program Coordinator

Rhonda DiCesare