Providence/Boston Center for Aids Research (CFAR)

CFAR Microgrants

The CFAR provides support to faculty aiming to strengthen resubmission applications.

The CFAR offers a small research grant program where funds are awarded to faculty members who have submitted NIH proposals and received scores in a range that is not yet fundable (30 and below).  These microgrants are intended to provide a small amount of funds ($2,500 - $5,000) to help obtain additional data that will strengthen a resubmission application. 

The purpose of the CFAR Microgrant Program is to remove barriers to HIV/AIDS research productivity among CFAR members by providing crucial resources that cannot be easily or immediately obtained through other funding mechanisms. The CFAR Microgrants will provide support for investigators to improve an already highly rated HIV/AIDS related research proposal for re-submission.

Funds available for each application will be between $2,500 - $5,000 and will be available  on a rolling deadline basis.  Awarded funds must be fully spent within 6 – 12 months after award.  No extensions will be approved.

Funds are intended to be used to gather data necessary for a scored NIH application that is currently being revised for resubmission.  Applications that have received a score of 30 or below will be considered for the program.

Funds are available to support activities including salary/fringe (i.e., temporary employee to assist in data collection or analysis), consultant costs, study subject incentives, data gathering, equipment utilization fees, purchase of supplies or other modest activities that could make a significant difference for the competitiveness of the proposal. Funding is restricted to activities within the United States.

Interested applicants are encouraged to discuss your application with E. Karina Santamaria ([email protected]; 401-793-4068) before beginning the application process.  Applications are accepted from all faculty, but preference will be given to junior investigators (e.g., Assistant Professor, Instructor, or Investigator faculty) and those resubmitting K and R series applications to NIH. Proposed projects must be HIV related and within an NIH HIV/AIDS Research Priority area.

Interested applicants must submit an on-line request form and attach the relevant NIH summary statement and specific aims page of the submitted proposal.  Funding decisions will be issued within 2 weeks of application.