Providence/Boston Center for Aids Research (CFAR)

HIV/TB Science Working Group

The Providence/Boston CFAR's HIV/TB SWG aims to build upon the complementary scientific expertise of the Brown/Lifespan and BUMC HIV and tuberculosis (TB) research groups, and their domestic and international sites, in order to understand the bidirectional effects of HIV and TB and their respective global epidemics.

Currently, research on TB and HIV/TB accounts for a major component of the funded research base (FRB) of the ProvBos CFAR. There are unique opportunities for the CFAR HIV-TB SWG to develop innovative research in three areas: first, to refocus research on TB to incorporate HIV/TB, addressing issues pertaining to the natural history of HIV and its pathogenesis; second, to introduce biologic components to research that is at this point primarily clinical and/or behavioral; and third, to attract junior and senior researchers to the field. 

HIV-TB SWG Information

HIV-TB SWG Membership

If you are interested in joining this SWG, please contact us at [email protected]